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 Welcome to our volunteer page! There are many roles that our volunteers can fill. We need medical and non-medical volunteers. We need people of all ages, backgrounds, and talents in order for the clinic to be a success. Most importantly we need people that have a SERVANT’s HEART!

Due to the nature of operating the clinic some of our volunteers will be required to attend mandatory training session(s) depending on the role that they desire to serve in. Below is a “sample” list of volunteer opportunities as well as descriptions for each. We are hoping that we will have many volunteers for each position in order to ensure that the position is filled every week. Please contact us if you’re ready to get connected!

Volunteer Opportunities

Hands of Hope Disciple: Anyone interested in sharing the gospel of JESUS CHRIST with our patients. This may include working with a Chaplain and developing ways to best minister to our patients. Disciples may organize and distribute GOSPEL materials to the patients, be a part of a prayer team, and work with others to best share the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. 

Medical Provider: Providers may be a(n): MD, DO, NP, or PA. They must have an active license in good standing. 

Nurses: Nurses may be a(n): MSN, BSN, RN, or LPN. They must have an active license in good standing. Duties include taking vital signs, recording patient’s history and chief complaint, performing basic lab tests and assisting providers as needed.

Pharmacist: Pharmacists must have an active license. Duties will include dispensing medications from our on-site pharmacy and counseling patients on medication usage.

Registered Pharmacy Tech: Must be registered with the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

Receptionist:  Great customer service and clerical skills are a must to volunteer as a receptionist. Duties include: office set-up, patient sign-in, answering the phones, computer data entry, pulling and filing charts, photocopying, and other duties that may be required. 

Student Internships, Preceptorships, etc: Responsibilities will vary depending on the student’s field of interest.

Interpreters: Interpreters may be certified or un-certified. They will help in the capacity in which they are comfortable and will work within their scope of competency. They will assist all volunteers at the clinic with communicating with the Hispanic population of Yadkin County.

I JUST WANT TO VOLUNTEER: These volunteers just want to show up and help how they can. They have a HEART for SERVICE and want to help others.


None of these opportunities interest you? Contact us!
We’ll discuss other opportunities!

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